Items We Sell Over The Counter On A Saturday.

We are only open to the public on fridays 12-9pm and  saturdays 9.30-9pm

- Brownies
- Blondies (white choc brownies essentially)
- Large Cakes by the slice (we do not sell whole cakes over the counter)
- Fudgkie (one of our most famous items, a hybrid of fudge and raw edible cookie dough)
- Cookie Dough Pie (layers of Raw edible cookie dough)
- Filled and decorated cupcakes
- Filled and decorated croissants
- Thic slices (a culmination of biscuits/chocolate and a filling)
- Stacks ( layers of brownie or blondie layered with ganache, buttercream and fillings)
- Fudge
- A selection of vegan items (this can vary) 
- Cheesecakes 
- Cookies
- Savoury Items
- Tubbies (tamper proof pots of deliciousness)

The items we sell on the counter varies every week and flavours change regularly. You may buy something one week and we may not make it again for a while. 
All of our items are homemade, we experiment with flavours and love coming up with various combos! Tell us your favourite combos via our social medias or better yet give us a challenge!

THANKS for visiting <3

6" £40 serves 8-10
7"£50 serves 15
8" £60 serves 20
9" £70 serves 25
10" £80 serves 35
These are approximate slicing numbers. You can cut larger to get less and cut smaller to get more.

Sponge flavours:
Vanilla jam 
Lemon curd 
Red velvet 
White chocolate
Chocolate Orange
Raspberry ripple
Cherry Bakewell 

Cookie Dough Pies 
6" £40 
7" £50 
8" £60
Milk or white choc chip. Fillings - Nutella, biscoff, white choc and other spreads.

Personalised messages available on chocolate plaques £3
personalised glitter cardboard cut out toppers £10

Large whole slabs: £20
brownie, blondies, sponge, traybake, rocky road bases.
Personalised messages, buttercream border, toppings included.

We make cupcakes with edible toppings on such like buttons, sprinkles etc.

to order custom orders, email us on

Deposit or full payment required on customer orders. DEPOSITS NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances.