Cakes-A-Daisy is only available within stated opening times unless at the owners discretion or a separate agreement.
The last 30 minutes before closing is our cleaning time.
Last table bookings are one hours before closing. Last walk ins are 30 minutes before closing.
Table bookings are valid for a time of between 1 – 1.5 hrs, this is at Cakes-A-Daisy’ discretion and dependant upon how busy the shop is.
Afternoon teas require a deposit to be received by one week before the actual bookings else we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

Afternoon teas are allocated 1.5 hrs, always.
Afternoon teas require at least 48 hours notice
All bookings must be under a name that all of the booking are aware of to save confusion.
Bookings are cancelled automatically if you are over 15 minutes late, unless we are made aware of why you will be late.
We are extremely busy at times and being a small shop, you need to be prepared for short waits for tables and service.

When ordering a cake from Cakes-A-Daisy you automatically agree to our terms and conditions.
Every cake that Cakes-A-Daisy hand make is subject to change and each one may differ slightly on design. This is what comes with an artisan product.
Allergies must be pointed out to us upon ordering. We can not guarantee any cakes are complete from allergens when requested as we use many products within our kitchen and everything is made on site. We take as many precautions as possible but cross contamination is possible still. We do not recommend people with severe nut allergies to eat our cake.
Cakes-A-Daisy reserve the right to decline any order that is deemed unsuitable.
Cakes-A-Daisy will use other images as inspiration but will never outright copy an image brought into us, our interpretation is at our discretion.
Deposits must be paid when ordering (unless its wavered at Millys discretion), if deposits are not received in an acceptable amount of time we reserve the right to cancel any orders.
ALL deposits are non-refundable.
Deposits may be transferred at Millys discretion, this may not always be the case and we reserve the right to not refund or transfer any deposits.
Full balance must be paid on collection, wedding cake balances must be paid a week before the delivery date.
Refunds may be issued if we receive proof of the problem in question.
Refunds will never be given if the cake has been consumed or not returned, consuming the product showcases your acceptance that the product was adequate for the purpose it was supplied.
In order to receive a refund the cake must be returned as whole and intact as possible.
Cakes must be collected on the date that is agreed when ordering.
Cake collections are between 12-4pm on weekdays or 10-2.30pm pm Saturdays.
Cakes must be transported in the manner we have advised, in the boot or the footwell– they should never be transported whilst on somebody’s lap or seat.
We advise you to leave plenty of time to collect your cake so there is no need to rush.
Once a cake has been collected and has left our possession we are not responsible for any loss or damages.
The cake needs to be transported carefully and clear of anything potentially falling on it or sliding into it.
Cakes must be stored in the suitable conditions that we have explained.
We do not recommend cakes to be stored in the fridge for a long period of time as this can dehydrate the cake and dry the sponge out, but they can be stored in the fridge when the outside temperature is high and the cake is at risk of melting.
The fridge temp needs to be between 6-10C do not let the cake freeze. Please note putting cakes in a colder temp can sometimes have adverse affects on the chocolate. Fresh flowers on a cake will wilt if they are stored in the fridge for a long period of time.

If cakes are being taken to a venue, it is the customers responsibility to inform the venue of how it should be stored.
Cakes-A-Daisy cakes have a shelf life of between 3-7 days. The freshness will be dependant upon how it is stored.
It is best in room temperature, out of sunlight and away from any heat sources (Tvs, Microwaves, Ovens, radiators).
It should be kept in the box provided or an airtight box if you have one. An air tight box will keep the cake fresher for longer.

Cakes WILL melt if they are left to get too warm

Hired equipment must be returned within one week of rental. Failure to return within the allotted time enables us to hold your deposit at our descretion.
Our photos may be published from time to time, in magazines, newspapers or on websites, we reserve the right to use any image of any cake made by Cakes-A-Daisy for publication at a later date.