Frequently asked questions, answered by us.

Can we eat in?


When will you reopen fully?

This is something i really can't answer until we start to get completely clear guidance from our government, it is a very confusing time and we are just trying to make it the best we can, we appreciate your support through this time.


Are you making custom orders still?

Yes, slabs, cakes, cupcakes, cookie dough pies and more.

How much do drippy custom cakes cost?

6: £45 7: £60 8: £70 these are typical prices.

How much are cookie dough pies?

6: £40 7: £50 8:£60

how much are cupcakes?

£1.75-£2.50 depending on toppings. we do not make novelty cupcakes.

how much are custom slabs and what flavours?

£20, A4 size approx

flavours brownies, blondies, sponge or traybake base.

fillings toppings can be anything you like, imagine choosing items you can buy from a supermarket 

How much notice do i need to give for a cake order?
This depends largely on how busy we are at the time of your order, sometimes we can work on 7 days or less then at busier times we need 2-4 weeks notice.

Do you cater for gluten free?

Yes, but only to order.

Do you do egg free cakes?


Do you cater for nut allergys?

No, anyone with a nut allergy eats our food or cakes at their own risk.


What your opening times?

from 4th December fridays 12-5.30pm

Can i collect an item on a day you're not open?

Yes most definitely, please enter into the garden area of the shop and come to our bakehouse. Please be careful down our alley way and through the garden.

Can i reserve?

you can reserve the saturday counter items on saturday morning from 9.30am. Call from 9.30am order over the phone, collect later and pay when you collect Please see the items on our social media the night before create a list of what youd like so you can clearly state what youd like on the phone

Do i have to reserve?

No, it is simply a service we offer to enable people to collect quickly if they wish to pre reserve, whilst guaranteeing them the items they want, as we sell out of particular items very fast. You are more than welcome to just turn up, queue and wait then choose off the counter when you get in here.